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Cooktops Induction #4 Electrolux

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Cooktops Induction #4 Electrolux

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cook•top (kŏŏktop′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a cooking surface consisting of a flat sheet of heat-transmitting glass and ceramic material over heating elements, usually electric.


in•duc•tion (in dukshən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act of inducing, bringing about, or causing: induction of the hypnotic state.
  2. the act of inducting;
  3. formal installation in an office, benefice, or the like.
  4. [Logic.]
    • any form of reasoning in which the conclusion, though supported by the premises, does not follow from them necessarily.
    • the process of estimating the validity of observations of part of a class of facts as evidence for a proposition about the whole class.
    • a conclusion reached by this process.
  5. Also called  mathematical induction. a method of proving a given property true for a set of numbers by proving it true for 1 and then true for an arbitrary positive integer by assuming the property true for all previous positive integers and applying the principle of mathematical induction.
  6. a presentation or bringing forward, as of facts or evidence.
  7. the process by which a body having electric or magnetic properties produces magnetism, an electric charge, or an electromotive force in a neighboring body without contact. Cf. electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction.
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in•duction•less, adj. 

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